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Guideboat Capital Partners is an investment holding firm focused on partnering with founder and entrepreneur led teams to build exceptional middle-market companies.

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About Guideboat Capital Partners

Founded in 2018 and based in Dallas, Texas, Guideboat was formed with a thesis that the quality of our partners and the strength of our relationships was the most determining factor in our long term success. At history and heart we're entrepreneurs and operators who prioritize the team and long term success of the business.

Investment Criteria

We strive to identify businesses where we can build a strong relationship with the management team and support them through collaborative strategic planning, growth initiatives and ongoing capital support. We come across investment opportunities in all shapes and sizes. While we rarely say "no" to reviewing initial inquiries, we welcome opportunities that fit within our investment sweet spot.

We primarily focus on lower middle-market companies generating $10mm – $150mm in revenue and $3mm – $15mm in EBITDA . We seek to invest $5mm - $50mm in equity in each acquisition.

We rarely say "no" to reviewing initial inquires, but we generally focus on industries we know:

  • Industrials: niche manufacturers, building products, maritime transport, industrial services and logistic services
  • Consumer: retail, restaurants, food and beverage, pet care, and beauty/personal care
  • Business Services: business process outsourcing, facility services and tech enabled services

We are flexible in how we structure our investments to meet the needs of the business. There are no limits to how long we own a company or the type of investments we can do. We invest with a hands-on operational approach and focus on ensuring each company we invest in has the right capital structure to achieve our objectives.

The most important investment parameter is the team. We have a simple perspective on people: we look to partner with management teams that are passionate, curious and gritty. Most importantly, we only look to partner with people that share our values and love of our capitalist system that allows ordinary folks to build extraordinary businesses.

"I agreed to partner with Guideboat because they personally got to know me and we built a relationship based on trust. Buff City is more than just a business to me, it’s a collaborative energy that started in my garage. Choosing the right partner was a profound decision, and Guideboat has exceeded my expectations as a partner and steward of the business."

-Brad Kellum, Founder of Buff City Soap

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