About Guideboat Capital Partners

Guideboat Capital Partners is a partnership investor. We continuously seek great owners and management teams to create long term partnerships and lasting enterprise value.

Our Portfolio

Our Philosophy

We keep our investment philosophy simple: we aim to buy good businesses where we have a relationship with the founder or management team and have downside protection for our investors.

Because we take a hands-on, collaborative approach with the management teams, resulting in mutual ownership over outcomes, we do not pursue businesses that only need us for our capital.

Operating Principles

Aligned Incentives

At the core of every transaction, we ensure that success comes as a partnership.


Transparency is paramount to our process as we set goals, communicate expectations and create value for all stakeholders.


We are fiercely loyal to all partners, from capital providers to operating partners, to the employees of portfolio companies and our own firm.

Value Added Partner

We are a value-add partner who isn’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and grind alongside our management teams to achieve maximum results.

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